Thursday, 2 May 2019

Echoing Silences by Andreas Wutz

Echoing Silences is an interdisciplinary art and exhibition project on the history of violence using the example of the Zimbabwean Liberation War and its traumatic aftermath on a postcolonial African society. The project examines and mirrors this history of violence, such as the Crocodile Gang guerrilla attack, through image and text materials from the fields of botany, geology, paleontology, and archeology of everyday private objects. The exhibition includes photographs and texts, film and video projections, a library, a film program and introductory artist talk with Cliford Zulu, the curator of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, who has been a guest at the Ebenböckhaus in Munich for a month.

Artist Andreas Wutz, working between Munich and Bilbao.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Moving on

It has been a while since I shared, a lot has happened and I will be breaking that down in a series of posts that will update my status and plans for the future in and around my life and practice. let's catch up on or  follow me on Twitter 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

تحية من مراكش

Moving on, i am in Morocco participating the International Curatorial Intensive Marrakech 17 - 26 May, 2015.

The Curatorial Intensive is a rigorous schedule of seminars, conversations, and presentations that support the process of developing an idea for an exhibition or program into a full proposal. I am here with Jeff Ajueshi, Robyn-Leigh Cedras, Wafa Gabsi, Inês Grosso, Salma Lahlou, Fatima-Zahra Lakrissa, Rosa Lleó, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh, Evelyn Owen, Ilhan Ozan, Shahana Rajani and Ipek Ulusoy  a group of exciting emerging curators from around the world we are exchanging ideas, and developing  curatorial projects in the local context and artistic production.

We will be doing site visits, had individual meetings, roundtable discussions be led so far (21 May) by, Omar Berrada co-directors of Dar al-Ma’mûn the host of the ICI Marrakech, María del Carmen Carrión Director of Public Programs & Research at ICI, Renaud Proch (Executive Director, ICI) and we are expecting Hassan Darsi and Florence Renault-Darsi (artist and curator respectively, Founders of La source du lion, Casablanca), Mohamed Rachdi (curator and art critic, Casablanca), Shuddhabrata Sengupta (artist and writer, New Delhi), and Bisi Silva (Founder/Director, Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos), among others. this was an introduction i will keep you updated as the projects develop you can see the photos on

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Crossing the Bridge exhibition

Introducing my second second project in Harare  “Crossing the bridge” is a tale of two cities bringing together the works of Israel Israel a Bulawayo Sculptor and Forbes Mushipe  mixed media artist from Gweru, in an exhibition about the near and the far, quantum and universal patterns, insight and out of sight, and crossover sensibilities. Connecting the inner and outer eye, the two illustrious artists use metaphor and transformation to see beyond the known. Israel is presenting the concept of jackets in its contemporary denotation while Forbes Mushipe pushes the spiritual journey through the African tales within the social, religious and cultural context. Both artists seek to probe the world around them and as means to describe their work using abstraction and intuition, by conveying individual ideas and emotions.

The exhibition open on Thursday 8 October 2014 at 17:30hrs at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Using metal wood and bone, the artwork faces the challenge of visualizing movement and energy through static forms:  although the artworks are not literally dynamic, in suggesting motion change, and instilling an imagined wonder in the viewer. The process of mixing material and layering stimulates Mushipes’s works, which reflects his on-going fascination with spiritual energy, patterns and shapes. Rather than expressing micro-scaled behavior of the realm of humankind, Israel focuses equally on mysterious and invisible habits of humanity.

In this collaboration the artists are exploring subjects that are affecting Zimbabweans locally and beyond our borders.  The exhibition builds up through their work experimenting and joining various segments of varying widths and metals, and occasionally incorporates found objects and recycled metal sheeting, finding the entire process so liberating and contemporary.

 Finding grace in the everyday, Forbes and Israel are “back in business” and the exhibition will run in Bulawayo until the end of August and then move to the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare in September to explore dialogue with other spaces. And as we join their exhilarating search for truth and meaning, we observe the beauty of metal wood and bone and experience moments of coming together and splitting up in a vast chain of being. The official opening was done in Bulawayo by professor Brian Jones in August. 

Cliford Zulu,

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

ASIKO 2014 international art programme under the title A History of Contemporary Art in Senegal in 5 Weeks as part of the OFF at the 11th Dakar Biennale.

Its May 2014, i find myself back in Dakar for a five week CCA Lagos intensive Global Critic Clinic that has become an integral component of the ASIKO initiative. The clinic Begun in 2012 in response to an urgent need for more curators on the continent, I am looking forward to develop my research methodologies, sharpen my proposal development as well as develop critical writing skills, engage closely with artists from across the continent as well as with experienced professionals from around the world. 

I look forward to interacting and learning from distinguished visiting faculty of artists, curators and academics including: Joseph Adande (BN), Jonathas de Andrade (BR), Lisa Aronson (US), Rashida Bumbray (US), Eddie Chambers (UK), Mimi Cherono Ng’ok (KN), Modibo Diawara(SN), Viye Diba (SN), Baba Diop (SN), N’Gone Fall (SN), Dominique Fontaine (CAN), Tamar Garb (SA/UK), Koyo Kouoh (CM), Simone Leigh(US), Nana Offoriata-Ayim (GH), Moyo Okediji (NG), Emeka Ogboh (NG), Olu Oguibe (US/NG), Wangechi Mutu (KN), Rosana Paulino (BR), Aura Seikkula (FIN), Mady Sima and Amadou Kane Sy (SN). But above all visit the main Dark Art biennale exhibition, sadly no Zimbabwean this time.. and other Dark Art OFF programs doted around Dakar and between ASIKO assignment reading and writing.

I will be sharing my Personal experiences in ASIKO international art programme under the title  A History of Contemporary Art in Senegal,  as part of the OFF at the  11th Dakar Biennale.  and pay much attention to what facilitators bring on to the table. Some of the visiting artists and curators i have only interacted with them on social media platforms so it promises to be a huge ling between my Job description and what is on the ground. I made this decision to apply because i was running out of ideas at the NGB. Huge challenges with artists responding to exhibitions workshops and conversations Up to date i question my self is it me or it’s the way things are. I have found and shared common stories with my colleagues here and the challenge in Zimbabwe is a challenge in Bamako, Nairobi Kampala, etc

Keep close for weekly updates 

Week one of ASIKO 

Great working week so far presentations with Rosana still going on well, pick of the week though was the visiting artists beginning with Emeka Ogbor Nigerian sound artist doing some fascinating work capturing the moment and sound at the same time. Archiving such works like sound and images image they took center stage, after Q&A, i am glad that Emeka came through to share his work with the team.

Wangechi Mutu Kenyan artist and sculptor who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. I consider Mutu as one of the most important contemporary African artists of recent years, and her work has achieved much global acclaim studied worked and lived in the US shared a very deep talk about her life as an artist from Wales to the US and now back in Kenya. The talk opened up my mind and answered many questions about African Artist in the diaspora. Both Emeka and Wangechi touched on the subject we worked on with Rosana the facilitator in the use of materials research and presentation of one’s work.  I am looking forward to the coming weeks as the main Dark Art biennale officialy opened and the city is alive with more than 100 other exhibitions around Dakar. It is that week of the biennales official opening  and reunions new contacts and networking with curators and Artists.

Glad to have seen  fellow Zimbabweans like Sithabile Mlotswa, Gina Maxim, Richard Mudariki in Dakar as well.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Popty Bach 2013 Wales UK

In July 2013 Cliford Zulu sculptor and Assistant Curator was invited to participate in a three week long international artist’s workshop in the UK. Popty Bach is a networking result that was discussed in 2011 by Victoria Malcolm and Cliford Zulu while working at the Wales and Zimbabwe Pavilion respectively during the 54th Venice Biennale in Italy. In February 2012 Victoria Malcolm came to Zimbabwe to give a talk at the National Gallery in Bulawayo after participating in the Tuphelo International Artist’s Workshop at the Bag factory in Johannesburg South Africa. During her stay in Bulawayo a workshop along the Tuphelo concept was the direction taken hence the invitation to participate.

The workshop officially began on 17 September with participants including Cliford Zulu Zimbabwe, Witty Nyide Artist/ Education Officer Durban Art Gallery and Igshaan Adams artist/ Great more studios committee member from South Africa, Peter Backer Artist from Liverpool, Louis Bird Artist, from Carmarthenshire UK and Chris Bonfati USA, visiting to the Tate Modern Gallery and other galleries in and around London to see the exhibitions and curatorial work.

We drove to Wales the same afternoon to familiarize with the working space. Dolbantau is a former bed manufacturing factory known as Alpha-beds, run by Brian Faux and Victoria Malcom. Victoria Malcolm
The workshops main objectives sought to put together in one space artists and curators in one space for 10 days so that they can work on experimental works and are able to tell a story through the exhibition. Also the workshop persuaded the idea and concept of presenting unfinished works for the public to interact with the work and complete it in their own interpretation and understanding
The other part of the workshop included visits to the galleries in London and Wales which included The Tate Modern and Britain National Gallery Victoria Albert Museum, October Gallery, Gasworks artists residency and gallery and in Wales we visited the

Zimbabwe the workshop is still pending I am thinking of asking a few schools in and around Bulawayo to send in a total of 15 young artists to beging to focus on art and curating at that level seeing that curating in Zimbabwe is a fairly new concept the workshop will cover basic curatorial and art lesson and will share educational opportunities for curating and art and a professional career

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Spirit of friendship “Entre dos aguas” Pakati pemagungwa

The Spirit of Friendship @ The Gabarron Foundation

 The Spirit of Friendship / Entre dos Aguas
Opened at The Gabarron Foundation December 6, 2012.
The group show consists of eleven contemporary African artists 
curated by Cliford Zulu and will run until February 22, 2013.

The exhibition is dedicated to the late Spanish Ambassador
to Harare, Zimbabwe, H.E. Pilar Fuertes Ferragut who suppoted
the Arts of Zimbabwe.

This exhibition was organized by the Gabarron Foundation
with the Spanish Embassy in Harare and the National Gallery 
of Zimbabwe.

The Gabarron Brothers, Gris and Juan, CEO and Vice President.